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I'm All in: How to be Devoted in your Faith

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

As women of faith, walking out your God-given destiny requires devotion to God. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines devotion as the fact or state of being ardently dedicated or loyal. Devotion to God requires not only a mere love for God but a fervent love for Him. Jesus declared in Matthew 22:37 to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” We are to love God or be devoted to Him with our entire being! Fascinating! Now that is devotion!

The truth is, we often fail at being devoted to God in certain seasons due to life circumstances, shifts in priorities, and emotions, just to name a few. It is difficult to remain devoted when life takes unexpected twists and turns. Our faith is challenged, and so is our trust in Him. Reading the bible and praying every day becomes an every Sunday or once a month chore! Yes, I said it! Chore! I have been there, and it is not easy. Although I love God, I was not completely devoted to Him.

Our time spent in devotion to God– reading the word, prayer, communing with Holy Spirit, and spending time with other believers puts us in a place of hearing from God, pursuing His Heart, and walking out His purpose and destiny in our lives. Our life and lives of those who we will impact require devotion to God. God wants to use us in all facets of our lives as women of God– in our relationships, our families, our communities, our schools, and our profession.

I challenge you woman of faith to be more devoted to God. You can be more devoted to God by–

  1. Praying consistently

  2. Spending time with God

  3. Making God the center of your life

  4. Communing with Holy Spirit

  5. Spending time with other believers

  6. Trusting God

As you challenge yourself, I will challenge myself also. Our devotion to God is ongoing as we walk the road of life.

Let us Pray-

Dear Heavenly Father,

We desire to be devoted to you! Although our devotion to you can be quenched by the busyness of life, misplaced priorities, and lack of trust in you, we yearn for your direction and guidance. Show us where we have gone wrong and help us to be more devoted to you. Help us to put you first in everything that we do. We desire to fulfill the purpose and destiny that you have designed for us. Help us to be committed and consistent. We know you desire more of us. We love you Father and we are certain when we ask you anything in prayer that you hear us.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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